joi. feb. 20th, 2020

Dieter Topp: BABEL offer us an OPEN DOOR for the world

Dear friends, guests from Romania and many international countries,

It has already been the 5th BABEL Festival I’d been attending at in Târgoviște. And since I first came here I made nice contacts, cultural contacts and many personal encounters.

During the last week we have been offered fine bites of theatre. A box of theatrical pralines, some sweet, some bitter, depending on the subject.

For everyone and everybody there shurely has been a special theatrical bite in the box of BABEL nr. 9. Laboratory on one hand side and street theatre fun on the other hand. What a large variety!

Thanks to Teatrul Tony Bulandra BABEL F.A.S.T. has been once again our chance to meet many people from different countries, as well as the chance for the citizens and the city of Targoviste to get what they urgently need: Visitors, cultural visitor.

We were invited to visit a large variety of theatre performance to make up our mind open for new ideas, and wonderful discussions. An open door was offered to Romanian and foreign people to go through together and look at the world from different views with their eyes wide open.

The only things that count in this festival are friendship, diversity, and being open for new challenges. This is what Babel stands for.

Thanks to the organisers, MC Ranin, Liviu Cheloiu and their wonderful crew. Thanks to all participants and visitors, your made my and our BABEL a very special one. Let me end with … to be continued in 2020!!!

Written by Dieter Topp – german journalist, member in Babel board festival

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