Targoviste: Discovery of international interest in Romania

muzeulThe unique discovery in Romania it’s of an international concern-a press conference in two days
“It’s an experiment, a press conference created for a scientific breakthrough, but honestly, it will be for decades the most important discovery in southwestern Europe or, who knows, maybe we will also be the ones who will make another one.”, Dr. Elena Cristina Nițu told us this evening, who as a head of site, she led the research from Poiana Cireșului.

Friday, September 4th, at 09:00, at the Museum of Human Evolution and Technology in Paleolithic, it will be held the press conference for the presentation of the discovery of the oldest sculpture in Romania and South-East Europe, dated to 23,000 years B.P. The art history of our country starts from now on with this extraordinary testimony, being the first of its kind in Romania.

“…It’s a Venus, a fertility expression, feminism. The point is that looking carefully at it and at its weight, it is not clay what you see. The burned clay loses its weight. Last night I spoke with a colleague at the university who came and saw it. He makes cucutian clay replicas and he told me that it isn’t clay. It’s something else. For the moment, we don’t know what this is, we’ll see. Being on the hearth is almost certain to have suffered a burn and then we have the possibility to make a dating by thermoluminescence, which is a non-invasive method that makes it clear the age of statuettes…” Dr. Ovidiu Cîrstina, Director of the Museum Complex “Curtea Domnească” , told the Oficial Media.

The discovery was made on August 22nd during the archaeological excavations in the well-known Paleolithic site at Poiana Cireșului-Piatra Neamț, by the archaeologists from Museum of Human Evolution and Technology in Paleolithic, within the National Museum Complex “Curtea Domnească”, Targoviste.

The authors of this discovery thought that before making it known abroad, where it will have a significant impact, they should organize a press conference for the media in Romania.
Researcher II Dr. Elena Cristina Nițu

The research was formed by Dr. Elena Cristina Nițu, Dr. Ovidiu Cîrstina- National Museum Complex “Curtea Domnească” of Târgoviște, Prof. Dr. Marin Cârciumaru- Museum of Human Evolution and Technology in Paleolithic, Târgoviște, Dr. Mădălin Văleanu (Palace Culture Museum, Iași), Dr. Jessica Lacarierre- archaeozoologists (University of Touluse- France), Ph. D. Remus Dincă , Ph. D. Adrian Nicolae (Valahia University, Târgoviște), graduates Anca Purcaru (Valahia University, Tîrgoviște), Sergiu Enache (West University, Timișoara), students Florin Lupu, Alexandru Mirică, Marian Leu (Valahia University, Târgoviște), Adelina Sava (“Al. I Cuza” University, Iași), Aurelian Roșca (General Manager at ITSquad, Cluj-Napoca)

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