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Știri din Târgoviște, Dâmbovița, România.

Dieter Topp: BABEL XI, surprised with an unusual show, ARGONAUTAS

“The absolute preciseness of the korean actors, and on the other hand the romanian way – the joy of acting, bringing these together was a totally new experience. I liked it because the romanians got animated by the koreans, while the koreans came down a bit from their way of dramatic playing.

In the end it was a wonderful show. I never had the idea that it was possible to bring these two together. And it worked.”

– Dieter Topp


Dieter Topp: BABEL XI, surprised with an unusual show: ARGONAUTAS

“After a cooperation agreement was ratified for the first time last year between the South Korean Theatre Association and the Romanian Theatre under the responsibility of Mihai Constantin Ranin and CEO JeungWoo Son for the purpose of artistic exchange in different formats, a bilingual show by both companies was now on the agenda for the first time.

The premiere of the ancient drama “The Argonauts” was eagerly awaited at the festival opening.”

Argonautas, a production by MC Ranin

ARGONAUTAS is an interpretation of the expedition of the Argonauts – the 50 heroes who accompanied Jason and who, fifty years before the Trojan War, went to find the Golden Fleece. It is a metaphor of the modern human being who goes in search of a place to call “home”. There, he can express himself freely, without social and cultural constraints.

The Golden Fleece really represents the discovery of this place of flourishing, where the individual is carried by the waves of life. His is followed different people who are his teachers, friends or counterexamples.


A bilingual show that captivated the audience

“Directed by MC Ranin (also stage and costumes), the Korean-Romanian troupe worked together in harmonious unity. The dialogues in both languages at the same time hardly required any translation, so fascinating was the play of the protagonists. The language barriers seemed to be dissolved, a bilingual show captivated the audience. The contemporary choreography by Hugo Wolf, sometimes to bombastic, sometimes to ethnically delicate sounds, rounded off the whole visually and acoustically.

Highly technical Korean acting mingled with Romanian playfulness to create a theatrical experience of rare provenance. The South Korean premiere will soon take place on Jeju Island. We wish it every success, and may further undertakings of this kind follow.”

Dieter Topp, journalist and theatre networking specialist

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