Let’s discover the SPHINX’S MYSTERIES!

11088353_10206054331170145_9017553425544468788_nLet’s discover the SPHINX’S MYSTERIES!
OFICIAL MEDIA invites you on a mountain adventure!
Come and discover the beneficial power of hiking trails and let’s solve together the riddles of Bucegi Mountains. Take your friends and prepare for an amazing adventure!

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Attractions: well known and less known caves, “into the wild” trails, recognized worldwide energy areas, unique lakes in Romania, impressive gorges and picturesque settlements and so on.
We propose as a primary objective Bucegi Mountains plateau. Omu Peak hides the most important informational-energy center of the planet; its existence is signaled by all traditions, by the name or more precisely by the concept of “The Center”-“Center of the World”, the place where the connections between sky and earth is made, where the exit gate from this terrestrial universe is placed, where the Tree of Life grows.
The fact is that those who arrive in these places with their soul clean say they have been filled with energy. Some of them even talk about miraculous healings. Unusual phenomena occur in the air in these places: shining rainbows when it’s a full sun, without a drop of rain in the area, strange lights, lightning, sparks all around the Sphinx and more.11692573_10206041322164928_5677923206450179138_n

Bucegi are considered by specialists a very powerful energy point. The place is invoked by yogis and visionaries. Hypotheses were drawn related to the existence of underground galleries and dowsing tests were done. Research has shown that the area is filled with energy more than any other in Romania. Traian Trufin, conservative curator at “Cezar Petrescu” Museum of Bucegi, publicist and researcher of strange phenomena which himself witnessed, has tried to find some explanation.

Insomnia without fatigue
“Back in 1993, for two weeks, in the south side of the city, people had insomnia, regardless of age. I thought that there were noxious emanations from the paper factory. There was no such thing. It was strange that although they were not sleeping, people did not feel tired. This fact was confirmed by at least 20 people”, the curator says. “Some of the locals began to experience a real state of euphoria. The events took place only during the nights. After the whole city was freaked out, they stopped, just as suddenly as they emerged.”
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Earthquakes at fixed hours
Then the earthquakes began. Paradoxically, they couldn’t be located in Bucegi, nor they had any connections with the seismic source in Vrancea. The series of earthquakes began in 1994 and lasted for three years. “They started at fixed hours: at 8 PM and 3 AM. Everyday, invariably. They weren’t the usual earthquakes. They were led by different rules. They had a reduced area: Azuga-Busteni-Sinaia. Sometimes they happened in a single neighborhood of Busteni. There was a noise coming from the ground, and it was as if a ceiling of a cave would fall right beneath your feet. There were no horizontal movements, nor vertical”, Traian says. He counted more than 100 seismic movements.

Rainbow without rain
One morning, on a splendid sun, with no sign of rain in recent days, he observed a huge rainbow, with an unusual glow. It started from Zamora neighborhood and it ended in the Caraiman Cross. The rainbow was in contradictions with the natural laws of nature. Often Caraiman Mountain is surrounded by a milky cloud waist. This compact ring is present only in the middle part of the mountain. The peak and the base remain disclosed in the fog. “For two months, in the museum where I work, lights were turned off and on, in a strange rhythm. Sometimes only the bulbs filaments just lit. I called the people from Renel. They didn’t find a fault.” Traian says.10985860_10206041310444635_1853509650188573361_n

The reports of several people living in Bucegi, showed that, indeed, in this place, the legend and the paranormal-meaning those phenomena that we perceive, but we cannot explain-go hand in hand with the surrounding reality.
“It was dark, so there could not be the climbers. I think there are paranormal phenomena. I have heard of the existence of a dacian warehouse, an unknown tunnel in the Caraiman-Omu area.”
“Several nights I saw lights up in the mountain. Once, when I got to the top with some friends, we were really tired, but after 10 minutes we were all fresh like we had not climbed up there. Soldiers from the Coștila relay are studying for many year and with special equipment an unknown power, stemming from the relationship between our Sphinx, the one in Gizeh, Egipt and another one in South America.”11652195_10206000022092452_962106049_n


Hikes make you healthier
Movement is life, and walking is the perfect exercise: easy to practice at any age and in any season, inexpensive and safe, it puts into action a great number of muscles, allowing the body to oxygenate and to relax, releasing stress. You will live the energetic charge in the nature. And the hiking also has a real healing power on most human body systems: circulatory, respiratory, nervous, hormonal, lymphatic, muscular. You can even test the therapeutic power of trees!

Hiking makes you smarter
There have been studies in this direction like the one in which were chosen three groups of people with same level of education and experience. Group A went to a mountain hiking for 45 minutes. Group B took a walk into the town and the people from group C stood quietly and read. After 45 minutes, all groups received the same test. The best results were achieved by those who went hiking. And this is because hiking helps us combat stress while boosting our mental well-being.

For registration, please contact us at the e-mail adress mysteryandwild@yahoo.ro 


Mountain hiking makes you more creative
Nature walks takes you out of the daily routine and give you the chance to reconnect with your inner world and your self. While climbing the paths of the mountain and admiring the landscape, it might at some point, feel a presence communicating with you through all the beauties you are surrounded by. That is your calling (Your self, an extraordinary source of creativity). Learn to listen and you will be able to get out of this automatism in which you live and to get back to yourself with love, self-esteem, confidence, so you can emphasize the real light of your being, as God sees you.11650462_10205999972411210_767625589_n

Hikes improve your couple life
If you go up to the mountain with your partner, you will discover at least two things: first of all, the issues that are disturbing you, they won’t follow you on the mountain. The responsibilities and worries that you have back in the city, will stay in the city. Secondly, you will become more aware of each other, your relationship will be loaded with energy, because the mountain teaches you to see the good things in your life and to enjoy them.
Hikes make you a better parent and a better friend
A part of the immensity of space that you enjoy when you go on the mountain will fill the depths of your soul and you will be able to easily reach the others. You will become, more open, empathetic, patient and thoughtful; you will be able to listen better and to understand those around you.

For registration, please contact us at our e-mail adress: mysteryandwild@yahoo.ro 

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