The Mysteries of Bucegi- Extra dimensional Energy Center (1)

luminaThe state of another dimension I felt it at different times in different places. It is about the things that cannot be seen, only felt. It is about the guilt which does not influence you, about the regret that does not touch you, about the worry that is now only an idea, soon to be gone. It is about fullness, strength, about the light in your whole being. The state I felt was like nothing measured and measurable, nothing of what I knew or what I could compare to. I found myself in a position of pure bliss like an energy element perfect integrated in the movement of the Universe.
I tell you now, after my return from the Sphinx, that were many writings related to this area and to its esoteric, physical and/or quantum-physical influences. Every single time I try to learn more, looking for new items, exploring all the segments available to me.


Every single time I feel myself getting closer to the Source. But now, it was a whole lot different: I needed time to analyze the actions, the states I was in, to make the right connections, because there happened something special, beyond the writings on the subject. I am a doubting Thomas, I have to feel, to touch, to see, to…

I will not get into this subject in this publishing material, but the Pythagorean triangle formed by these three peaks: Omu, Caraiman and Batrana is the base of an upside down pyramid. If we raise an axis from the underground of this buried pyramid, we will rise to the top of Obarsia, a peak of the pyramid formed by Omu, Batrana and Caraiman, another pyramidal base situated in the underground.centrul

Another perfect settlement is the South-North line on which the pothole of Piciorul Babei and the one from Bucsoiu peak are situated. The cave is located at the highest altitude in Romania!!! This straight line coincides, from the middle, with the center of another equilateral triangle (pyramidal base) in the approximate area of Seii Sugarilor.


If there was an entrance (one of them) in the maze of galleries of Bucegi identified with Ratei cave, then we will have again a straight line that passes through the Great Cave of Ialomicioara and ends again under the sky, in the pit, near peak Bucsoiu.gura de intrare

These are the elements I want to analyze in the future and I wait next to me all those who feel at home here in the Extra dimensional Center full of mysteries. I have to admit that there are many theories I hold, but I will not publish them until I find myself completely in the middle of energy movement around the pyramidal axis. I personally think that it is wrong to admit that there is only one point in Bucegi Mountains. There are many energy points, and the Sphinx remains a great mystery by being positioned as to be loaded and not to be a load source.
If I felt the state of an absolute light standing on the bride between Sphinx and Baba Mare, I wonder what circular energies surround the valleys of Obarsia peak.

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Monte Christi

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