20 of the best poses for a photo shoot

This post will come in handy not only for photographers looking for inspiration, but also all the ladies out there who want to look great in every shot. Here are some of the best poses which highlight your best features and hide even the most obvious imperfections. You’ll be a supermodel in no time.


  1. This is simply a great angle which always make you look slimmer. The model faces the camera side-on, with her chin pushed down and her shoulders slightly raised.


  1. Often, the most straightforward poses turn out to be the best ones. Here, the model should put her body weight all on one leg, bending her overall stance slightly so that her silhouette is ‘s-shaped’.


  1. Here the model lightly touches a vertical surface, such as a wall or a tree, with both hands. This is a great pose for taking a portrait shot.


  1. If the model has long hair, definitly try to take an ‘action shot’ of her while she is moving. A good way to do this is to have her turn her head sharply.


  1. This is a great, comfortable pose which can be used when taking photos at home, in a studio, and in many other locations.


  1. This is a great pose for when the model is sitting on a sofa.


  1. This is a superb choice for a shot when the model is sitting on the ground. She can be photograped from many different positions.


  1. This pose is ideal for an artistic shot. There are a huge number of positions for the head, arms and legs which can be adopted.


  1. It’s believed that folded arms and legs create psychological barrier between people, and therefore is not recommended for photographs. However, it’s worth trying a shot where the model has her arms folded across her chest. 


  1. However, you don’t always have to worry too much about where to put the arms. It’s perfectly OK to leave them in a relaxed position at one’s sides. The same goes for the legs, although remember that body weight should always be on one foot only.


  1. This pose is ideal for a full-length photo. The model’s hands should be placed either partly or fully in her pockets. 


  1. Placing the hands behind the back, whilst unusual, is nevertheless an interesting idea for a photo, which gives the model an open, sincere look. The option is also available here to have her lean against a wall.


  1. Having the model sit or lean against something is also a great idea. This can work for shots taken both indoors and outside.


  1. This is another great pose for a full-length shot. It really brings out the model’s femininity.

1. Very easy pose for a portrait – model looking at you over his shoulder. Notice how unusual and interesting portrait may look, if you change the angle.
girls pose for a photo shoot

Pavel Novikov

2. Very often when shooting portraits and model, photographer and forget about hand position. However, you may have something creative, if you ask the model to play hands, trying different positions in the head and face. The main thing to remember one rule – no flat, strained hands: the brush should be soft, flexible, and it is desirable that they were not directly addressed in the frame or rear hand brush.
girls pose for a photo shoot

Ali ilker Elci

3. Perhaps you are familiar with the composition rule as the rule of thirds .
girls pose for a photo shoot

Konstantin Lelyak

4. Very nice position for a seated model – together with a note of his knees.
girls pose for a photo shoot

source: brightside.me

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