Daejeon Theatre: „San Chak: Life and Love story of Sin Chae Ho” performed at Targoviste during Babel festival

Oficial Media editors had the joy of discussing with the protagonists of the Professional Theater Company „Sae Byuk” and discover new information about their group and the show „San Chak: Life and Love story of Sin Chae Ho”, performed at Targoviste during Babel festival. Our guests were the chief of Daejeon Theatre Association, Korea (Jinyoung Youn), as well as the director (Seondeok Han), the choreographer (Hyelim Kang), and the two main actors who performed extraordinarily, Sungbeom Park and Yeojin Lee.

Daejeon Theatre

Are there any differences between the theatre in Daejeon and Romanian theater? Are the actors permanently employed or do they collaborate with the theatres?

Jinyoung Youn: In my hometown we don’t have this theatre system. Actually, the Korean theatre focuses on the renter to the productions. They don’t hire their own artists for their productions. They just rent the theater: here’s the theater, you can use it, now give me the money J. But I love your system and we need this kind of system in Korea.


This might mean that your productions have to be easy to move from place to place.

Jinyoung Youn: Maybe, yes.

Did you participate in this kind of tours and festivals in your country or abroad?

Jinyoung Youn: This group visited Russia, Germany, the US, China… but it is the first time taking part in this kind of festival.

The director’s choice for having such minimalistic decor was made especially for going on tour, for the mobility aspect?

Jinyoung Youn: Actually he didn’t minimalize the stuff, we play it the same in Korea but with a deeper scenery.


For the director, how would you describe your directoral pieces?

Seondeok Han: We present three or four shows per year because we do not have the theatre, we are only a company. I produced 106 shows so far.


What is one production close to your heart that had a positive response from the public?

Seondeok Han: This production, San Chak and The children without father. Actually the last one got the Grand Prix at the third Drama Festival in Korea, Yeojin Lee won the actor prize as main actress.


For how many years have you been an actress?

Yeojin Lee: I started acting when I was a little school student, so 20 years.


For how long have you been an actor? What is the role that raised your popularity?

Sungbeom Park: For ten years, and… San Chak!

For how long have you been working as a choreographer?

Hyelim Kang: For seven years, but I was a dancer before.


How much does the theatre in Daejeon rely on expression, interpretation and how important are the other elements (choreography, lights, props)?

Seondeok Han: It takes a lot of thinking to do so. I should think about the budget, because we don’t have plenty of money for the budget of the production. So it’s 50% focused on the technical part. San Chak focuses on the actors’ movement around scenery.


How long has the crew been working on this performance?

Jinyoung Youn: They first presented it one year ago, and they had been working on it for 3 to 4 months.


So they made a little progress since then, with the acting etc.

Jinyoung Youn: Yes.


Do you also play classical pieces?

Jinyoung Youn: Yes, the Glass Menagerie by Tennesse Williams is one famous play throughout the world, Chekhov as well, Dostoevsky, Othello (theatre of the absurd). We also produce Russian playwrights.


Just like the Great Britain has Shakespeare, Russia has Chekhov, Romania has Caragiale, do you play Korean classics?

Jinyoung Youn: We have some very very famous playwrighters in Korea and we perform their shows.

Although in the interview we only had some of the protagonists of this grand performance, we must mention the whole crew that took part in the production on the 12th of June and, last but not least, all the actors that performed alongside Sungbeom Park and Yeojin Lee. Both the dance interpretation and the costumes gifted the „whole” that surprised the Babel audience, and the show ended with rounds of standing up applause. Moreover, such strong was the impact, that many viewers cried, literally, in the theatre hall.

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