The FIVE golden points of the human body and their miraculous effects

masajul_lomi_lomi The human body is the most remarkable work of art in the world and so it holds many of these points. In the entire body we could observe a number of five golden points for health and longevity. The alternative medicine experts state that frequent massaging of these five golden points can slow the aging process and, also, have a powerful impact on the body health. In terms of Yang Sheng, massaging is one of the most affordable and effective way to longevity.

These are the FIVE golden points and their amazing effects:

Baihui (GV20)712
This golden point is located at the top of the head, the highest point of the human body. In this way, every yang human meridian meets and forms a junction right in this point.
Massage method: while sitting in a chair with your back straight, rub with one hand this point following circular movements in a clockwise direction and in the opposite, 50 times in one direction and 50 times in the other, for about 2-3 times per day. The massage stimulates the energetic circulation and increases the yang energy in the DU meridian. Another way to massage it is through beating the point slowly, ten times, with your right hand; this method helps to relax the nervous system and to release the stress and worries.
Yongquan (Kl1)219
From this point, the kidney energy springs and then flows throughout the entire body. That is why this point plays an important part in the health of the body. Daily massaging raises the vital energy, well-being, enhances the immune system in order to prevent diseases.
Guanyuan ( C 4)318
At a distance of four fingers below the navel is situated the Guanyuan point, the high point of the small intestine; the intestinal Qi is accumulated here and then it spreads to the skin and other parts of the body. So, there is the key place of life, energy and spirit. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that this point has the function to cultivate the original Qi and to regenerate the body energy. Massaging this point helps to regulate the endocrine function, reduces skin spots and treats acne.

Yin-Tang (EX-HN3)427
The Yin-Tang point is situated between the two eyebrows and it is one of the points situated on the extraordinary meridian. It is recognized by Traditional Chinese Medicine for its effect on clearing the head, lighting the look and cleaning the nose. Massaging the point for a few minutes, every day, can successfully treat dry nose, thus stimulating the production of mucus and prevent rhinitis and colds.
Tanzhong (RN17)Conception-Meridian-CV-17crop
This is the gathering place of pericardium Qi and is crossed by numerous energy meridians. This point helps adjusting the Qi, opening the chest Qi and can stop coughing and treat asthma. It is important to note that it stimulates blood circulation.
Also, modern medical research confirmed the fact that the stimulation of this point can help regulate nerve function, can effectively treat asthma, irritability and palpitations. Especially those dealing with breast problems should massage this point quite frequently. Massage the point 100 times per day, for about 2 or 3 minutes. Please remember that when you are massaging the point, you have to do it in the clockwise direction or from top to bottom.

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