Romania, the country with the most energetic points on the planet

centrele_00128600There are some areas in Romania, where in an inexplicable way for the average man, the tourists feel at peace, being in a state of balance and good. There, the planets grow miraculously and the climate is balanced.
There are places with an extraordinary energetic charge, places where the earth vibrates. Researchers have studied them years in a row and have written treated over treated, reaching the conclusion that Romania benefits from one of the most powerful energetic shield of the planet.

Our ancestors knew all the energetic points of high power situated in Romania and they even marked them in megaliths and cyclopean altars dedicated to the primordial gods. The researcher Gheorghe Serbana and a former officer in the extrasensory unit of general Ilie Ceausescu help us build the energy map of Romania.

How the energies are created

From a bioenergy point of view, Earth is a format where geo-energy lines intersect, bind and modify themselves under the influence of cosmic and geophysical processes. These power lines reach their maximum strength in some areas, which emit radiation commonly called “currents of intelligence”. The places where the intelligent bio-currents of Earth meet the cosmic energy emissions with the same value are considered privileged points or “love points”, and are generally marked by megaliths. It was not by chance the fact that in those areas the obscured civilization of giants existed. Only later, it appeared the evidence of civilization and the people built temples, convents, churches, monasteries dedicated to defend these divine places. As the bioenergotherapist, Dan Seracu, observed that over Romania lies one of the strongest protective umbrella of the entire planet.

What the psychics of general Ilie Ceausescu were learning

One of the “paranormal” officer of the general Ilie Ceausescu stated that their entire training aimed to amplify their extrasensory strengths. In order to succeed they were taken in specific energy centers. In terms of extrasensory performance, these centers are COZIA-FRUNTI-NEGOIU, GHITU-NEGOIU, IEZER-NEGOIU, called also DACIC TRICORN. The last one is the most active and annihilate center for the multitude of negativity centers. Next is NEHOIASU-PENTELEU, GORU-LACAUTI, PETROSANI-TISMANA, ABRUD-CAMPENI, INA-CALIMANI, BARGAU-GIUMALAU, TOROIAGA-ROTUNDA, GRINTIESU-RARAU, SLANIC MOLDOVA, SOVEJA-LA GROTE (!). The last point was dedicated to the officers who had passed on a higher stage of extrasensory perception courses.
The divine triangle Omu-Babele-Sfinxul

In Romania, the best known energy triangle is Omu-Babele-Sfinxul that has an incalculable power. All around it, milky white light cones appear at different intervals and they are rotating like a vortex of clouds amplifying the extrasensory perception.

In the same time, radio signals coming from the inside of the mountain are recorded. Another geoenergy place is Polovragi, Targu Jiu, with its “endless cave” where it is believed that Zamolxis teaches the quacks the healing techniques of soul and body.
The bioenergotherapists of today say that Polovragi is the best area for the general toning of the body. Sarmizegetusa was a true pantheon of spiritual knowledge. There, on an inaccessible plateau surrounded on three sides by deep ravines, is located a megalithic altar on which you can see inscription in an indecipherable language. For bioenergotherapists, Sarmizegetusa is an area that activated the creativity and the skills for education.sfinxul-din-bucegi
The Pantheon of Cascioarele

The researcher, George Serbana, indicates another area of “giants”, the Pantheon of Cascioarele, a primary hearth of civilization. “At Cascioarele began the history that comes from Istru!” says Gheorghe Serbana. “Here was a great civilization of Titan gods. Giants necropolis were found here and many stones with strange inscriptions and lines that delineates areas known only by the ancients. With modern equipment, one can see a great geo energy area and amazing acoustics. The person who sleeps at night here, in the area of the Pantheon of Cascioarele, clearly hears the whispers of the people from the other side of the puddle Izvorul Catalui.”

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Pestera Polovragi - Polovragi

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