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Mc Ranin: The Babel Festival is the starting point of diversity

The International Performing Arts Festival in Târgovişte came into existence out of our desire to restore the cultural aureole this city used to have for more than 300 years, when it was the capital city of Wallachia.

The name of the festival has several meanings. The Babel Tower has a negative connotation from a religious point of view, since it reflects both human beings’ rebellion against God, and their arrogance in front of their Creator.

Since art is a reflection of pure ideas, most of the time it reflects them in an opposite way, either taking them to a pure state, or digging out their true germs. Whatever the case, art means metamorphosis. Thus, the Babel Tower Biblical myth reveals the human desire to know the Absolute, the reach the perfection that they are a part of.
At the same time, Babel is the starting point of diversity. Once it was built, God divided the people. And the Word was made Man, and through the Word God separated people and gave each of them a different language and different words.

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The Babel Festival is the starting point of diversity, because its purpose is to reunite the most diverse cultures and forms of expression, focusing on ethnic and linguistic minorities that are not that accessible, even on a map.

The theatrical and artistic Babel is a different manner to reach the sky, as it does not build a high brick building, but an emotional communion, something that is far more durable.

FAST also has a double meaning, thus enriching the signification of the word “Babel”. In English, it means quickly, the way the tower was built, the way the moments pass away, the way the rhythm of today’s society feels like, always on fast forward. Furthermore, Tony Bulandra Theater, all covered in cultural splendor for the duration of the festival is fast friends with all the participants to this event. It is that type of FAST (be it splendor, or quickly) that determines the audience, the participants, the guests, and, last but not least, the organizers, to say: “Stop, moment, thou are so beautiful!”

Mc Ranin,
General Manager of Tony Bulandra Theatre
Festival President

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