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Targoviste- Capital of European Majorettes Championship


The 16th edition of European Majorettes Championship (ECC) will be hosted this year by Targoviste city. The event takes place from September 11th to 14th in Tricolor Square from Targoviste.

In the competition are enrolled 1 200 participants, from 10 European states such as: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania.

The opening ceremony will take place Friday, 12 September, at Royal Court from Targoviste, starting 20:15. At around 19:30 it will be held the official opening parade of the championship, with the participation of all the submitted majorettes. The parade will start from Stelea Street and will end at The Royal Court.

The European Majorettes Championship will end Sunday, 14th September 2014, with the announcement of the results and awards, starting at 17:30 in Tricolour Marke Square from Targoviste.

Alen Scuric, The European Majorettes Association President states that this year’s edition is much better organized than last year.

We have received at Targoviste the largest support so far for organizing this type of event. The work of the Mayor, Ciprian Prisacaru, of Alina Dumbrava- the European Majorettes Championship Director, 16th Edition and of the majorettes team from Targoviste is very high.”

Beyond all these, beyond being an international sports competition, The European Majorettes Championship will also represent a great event for the tourism promotion of Targoviste City. In addition, according to European Majorettes  Association President, the 1 600 participants will spend in Targoviste 500 000 Euro, which means a lot for the city.
In these four days we will be visited by a large number of persons and, thank God, Targoviste has to offer them a lot and we will do our best for our guests to feel good and leave with a beautiful impression,” said Ciprian Prisacaru-Interim Mayor of the city. The European Majorettes Association President completed soon after, saying that he is no longer scared of Dracula.

Definitely after the “Dracula-Return” show, played especially at the Royal Court, in this evening, 12 September, for the European Majorettes Championship participants, even Dracula myth will be vanished.


Traducere- Roxana Iordache

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