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Echipa unui ziar nu este formata doar din redactori, ci mai ales din cititorii săi!

THE DIVINE IMPRINT – The need for certainty

the divine imprint poza

Maria Tacino’s “Divine Imprint” it’s a scientific demonstration of the existence of God, and Mathematics of cosmic proportions, proves to be the ideal field -in its modesty- capable of allowing logical reasoning.

 DANA STAICUDana Staicu – The need for certainty


Going natural, step by step,  creates in such an abiding crescendo a structure full of obvious arguments, if we accept that we could name the apparent abstracting “obvious”. As “obvious” as it is the main subject of the book, as concrete becomes what we are used to call God. When we correlate, we create an association between mathematics, philosophy, theology, also feeling the presence of psychoanalysis as a domain explored by the writer. In the moment of correlation we realize that we are the witnesses of such a complex piece of work. Right from the beginning!

Who says that this guide, this theological book (we all know THEOLOGY is the science about GOD) has to be written in a hurry or even worst: skimmed though? I honestly tell you that this is not possible, because otherwise you wouldn’t understand the importance, the role, the meaning of such a stunning work.

This book was made to be studied, not read between two tram stations…Maria Tacino shared her own experiences: of an atheist through education, who begins to believe in the existence of God by having a life experience translated for us mathematically, rigorously, clearly, emphasizing the Infinite, the Absolute, the Universe. It may seem incredible to measure yourself with such a subject, to think about it and to give a meaning even to that tiny piece which appeared to be insignificant. However, the writer advocates for the coexistence of both the science and God. They are, in fact, one and the same. Once again this can be proved, based on the hypothesis and conclusions.

The “Divine Imprint” shows us the Divinity at every turn and if we had certain doubts concerning the Divine in EVERYTHING, now the doubts are blown away. And it happens in the perfect moment, when all we need is CERTAINTY.




Translated by Roxana Iordache

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