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Știri din Târgoviște, Dâmbovița, România.

Liviu Cheloiu, the best actor at the International Theatre Festival FEST (IN), Bucharest

14813617_1197847636927617_1428085232_nNottara Theatre created in 2013 a Boulevard festival called FEST (IN), a cultural project held annually in two main sections and other related activities and sections.

One of the Sections goes by the name of Comedy Boulevard and it is extremely appreciated and desired by the public. This section consists mainly of carefully selected successful comedies from both our country and other foreign countries, plus home theatre productions. The second section reflects each year a current issue which the Romanian society is facing.

Tony Bulandra Theatre participated at the International Theatre Festival FEST (IN) on the Boulevard, in 18th October 2016 with the “Othello” play, by William Shakespeare, directed by the Armenian Suren Shahverdian.

Translation and adaptation: Valeriu Andriuta
Othello: Liviu CHELOIU
Desdemona: Andrada FUSCAS
Iago: Mircea SILAGHI
Emilia: Ela IONESCU
Cassio: Daniel NUTA
Bianca: Camelia PINTILIE
Roderigo: Radu CAMPEAN
Décor: Mc Ranin
Costumes: Mc Ranin and Raluca Fratiloiu
Light design: Adrian Dragomir
Sound design: Andrei Mihai
Technical Director: Alexandru Mateescu

The winners of the 4th Edition of International Theatre Festival FEST (IN) on the Boulevard are:
Section “Family crisis”:
Award for the best show: The Cherry Orchard, by A.P Cehov, directed by Gabor Tompa, a production of Maribor National Theatre from Slovenia

Award for best actress: Oana Pellea for the role of Betty in the show The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, written by Paul Zinder, a production of Metropolis Theatre from Bucharest

Award for best actor: Liviu Cheloiu for the role of Othello, from Othello play written by William Shakespeare, a production of Tony Bulandra Theatre from Targoviste

NETA Section (New European Theatre Action)
The award for the best show: THE BONES THAT COME LATE, by Teki Dervischi, a production of Kosovo National Theatre, Pristina (Republic of Kosova)

Section Comedy Boulevard:
Popularity Award of spectators jury: JACQUES AND HIS MASTER, by Milan Kundera, directed by Cristi Juncu, a production of Maria Filloti Theatre from Braila.

Photo credit goes to: Ciprian Nicolae Duica

Traducere: Roxana Iordache

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