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Echipa unui ziar nu este formata doar din redactori, ci mai ales din cititorii săi!

MOSTARSKE MAZORETKINJE from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the European Majorettes Championship, in Targoviste


Saturday, 13th September, in Chindia Park was one of the 10 participating countries in the European Majorettes Championship, with one of the teams who represents  Bosnia and Herzegovina, namley-MOSTARSKE MAZORETKINJE,  for a photo shoot and to admire the green area of Targoviste. Full of life and with a lot of energy, the girls have brought an extra touch of beauty to Chindia Park the same way they have animated these 3 days the whole city of Vlad Voievod Draculea along with all the other teams of majorettes.

I have asked them to grant us an interview and tell us a few words about themselves. The one who gave us the information was Karla Milicevic, aged 17, team leader of MOSTARSKE MAZORETKINJE from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In this 16th edition of the Championship, this team from Bosnia and Herzegovina, consists of 45 majorettes who participated in the following categories: senior team-baton, team of cadets-pom-pom, solo seniors-pom-pom, duo senior-baton and duo senior-pom-pom.

I have asked if they know where they stand in the contest and what place they want to occupy and Karla told us that today’s evolution will be decisive, but of course they wish the first place. She also says that she has been busy these days, trying to stay more focused on the exercices she had to do and she did not have time to see all the performances of the competing teams, that is why she cannot offer a prognosis related to the possible winners.

She mentioned that at the pom-pom category, the Romanian team is the best-Madness UMF, and at the baton category, Zagreb is the favorite one.

About organization and logistics, she stated: “it is very, very beautiful, the opening ceremony was wonderful, we really enjoyed the show with Dracula. I was in Romania six years ago, it is a very welcoming country. In Targoviste we had a great time and the Romanians are very warm people”, concluded Karla Milicevic, the team leader of MOSTARSKE MAZORETKINJE- Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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