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Signing of the AMASIA memorandum at the Tony Bulandra Theatre in Targoviste – Mihai Constantin Ranin & Liviu Cheloiu

AMASIA – Union of Intercontinental Festivals. On Wednesday, June 7th, 2023, the signing of the AMASIA Memorandum took place at the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgoviște – Mihai Constantin Ranin, the initiator of the international project, summarized in a few words the most important aspects of the union of the European, Asian and African countries.

Mihai Constantin Ranin, co-president of the AMASIA Union

Mc Ranin: „Esentially, here ends a work phase that started with South Korea. Last year I went to the meeting of all festival theater directors in South Korea and talked about this intention to establish the AMASIA festival.

What is AMASIA? AMASIA is the future continent formed from all the continents that will unite

It is an idea of ​​traveling and at the same time bringing together common elements from the cultures of the world. It’s actually an expression of cultural diversity, it’s a reaction to what’s happening with globalization right now.

The countries that will sign today are South Korea, Poland, Kazakhstan and Romania, and we are going to add five  or six more countries to have a total of ten countries, five from Europe and five from Asia.

Each signatory will take steps to establish a national office in its country. The important thing is to get funding but at the same time to select the best thing that is in that country to participate in this festival. Once every five years a country has to organize this festival.

Signing of the AMASIA Memorandum at the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgoviște – Mihai Constantin Ranin & Liviu Cheloiu

Yesterday we decided that the two co-presidents should be from Romania and South Korea, me and Mr. JeungWoo Son. I will take care of Europe and Africa because Egypt has also expressed its desire to join this effort”, declared Mihai Constantin Ranin before signing the memorandum.

It should be remembered that the general secretary of this intercontinental union is our great actor Liviu Cheloiu, selector throughout the countless editions of BABEL, a great connoisseur of theater worldwide.

It is a further honor to us that together with the co-president Mc Ranin, Romania has this international forum administratively led, managed as it should be, by an artist established in countless festivals around the world. Actor Liviu Cheloiu has forged intercultural friendships and connections for a number of important theatrical projects.

amasia memorandum
Liviu Cheloiu – General Secretary of the AMASIA Union

„Romania’s collaboration with Korea was the starting point of this festival and here is my friend, Mr. JeungWu Son, with whom I discussed both in Romania and Korea, several times, to establish it -AMASIA- because we came to the conclusion that there is no such festival similar to the Olympics, which have a large scale and take place in all these countries that are part of it at one point”, Mc Ranin also declared at the meeting of the theaters from Europe, Asia and Africa.

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