Dieter Topp, german journalist about OPENING BABEL 2019

BABEL 2019 opening

Under the slogan PICTURES stands the ninth edition of the BABEL Festival in the Romanian Targoviste. The importance of building on the international theatertower BABEL once again proves the 2019 edition to be the most exhausting.

Already the prelude with the results of a five-day workshop of three Russian directors with the actors of the host Tony-Bulandra-Theater at three different venues could be seen.

Oleg Loevsky, who organized numerous theatrical laboratories and most recently arrived at the Masterskaya Theater in St. Petersburg, brought Oleg Eremin, Kiril Vitoptov and Dimitru Acris, whom I valued, to Romania in the former capital of Wallachia. There, the three did a great job with the local performers.

Acris showed Russian theater school at its best with „crime and punishment, or better known as guilt and atonement” in its contemporary, typically brutal-realistic style on the boards.
Oleg Eremin mixed with doll and drama version with „this day” in the studio. Kiril Vitoptov celebrated an outdoor triumph with the real grotesque of a Balkan „wedding”, which strongly reminded one of the arrogant nonsensical Turkish habitus in Germany. Not only the actors were out of whack. Young and old were involved in the game with enthusiasm. And many did not know if this was theater or twisted reality.

Every event organizer would like to have such an opening: a show born in the theater that premiered three times for the premiere. Well done!

Dieter Topp, german journalist and member in the board of BABEL Festival

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