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European Majorettes Championship seen through the eyes of the organizers

68929_10203926126966370_7933254518451421993_nAfter the award ceremony of the European Majorettes Championship-16th edition, held in Targoviste-Tricolour Square, Sunday 14th September, Official Media wanted to find exclusive information for its readers. That is why we took our time to talk to the people who played their part in organizing this championship.

We asked Alina Dumbrava, Director of the European Majorettes Championship and the coordinator of the majorettes team from Targoviste, Dracula’s girls, to give us some information related to the organization of the 16th edition and what this event meant for Targoviste which hosted 10 European Countries for three days.10714692_10203972234639033_764271590_n

Alina Dumbrava:

In what the organizational side is concerned, all I can say is that we managed to realize a great championship. The competitive infrastructure was highly superior in the last four editions that I attended and this fact could be seen in the performance of the teams. It was one of the hardest events I had to organize, especially because I didn’t have a pattern to follow , like the Dracula Festival which was also on the first edition. Only when you find yourself in the middle of the issues, you start to understand how to manage them. It’s important that everybody walked away happy. I love my work and as long as I have the possibility, I will give my best in order to accomplish the results those around me and myself want.”1232418_10203972232438978_1755714021_n

Asking about the teams, Alina told us that this year they were much better. It was harder for them to obtain the medals compared to previous years, because the quality of the competition was far better than last year.

We found out that this year Dracula’s Girls, the team from Targoviste was bigger (21 girls) and better than last year, due to their effort during the trainings. Although the wind and the difficulty of the elements weren’t favorable factors for the pom-pom category, the girls from Targoviste were able to be among the winners.

At the pom-pom category it seems that Romania keeps the gold at home. Dracula’s girls form Targoviste and Madness UMF from Cluj-Napoca were the winners of the golden medals in the duo pom-pom junior and senior category.

Also, Alina Dumbrava wants to congratulate the participants from Dracula’s Girls: Alexandra Marinica, Laura Stancescu and Alina Paunescu, because they performed their own choreography in the solo and duo category.

We found some information about the position of the European teams as can be seen: Zagreb is over 10 years old champion at baton category, followed by Czech Republic, which also has good results in this category. During the competition were very many disqualifications. They missed the start because, they didn’t respect the time. “EMA (“European Majorettes Association) doesn’t play with this stuffs”, says Alina Dumbrava.1920345_10203926127126374_3329187653782271357_n

Alongside Alina, we took some time talking to Tonka Matic, a delegate from Croatia, who told us that she was extremely excited to be in Targoviste and to find about the history of Dracula.

I think this was one of the most beautiful European Championships, the teams were very good, they did the best they could. I am very grateful and I hope someday will come back here. We really liked the city.

We got along very well with the team from Targoviste. I’ve known Alina for over 10 years and with the girls from Dracula from the championships. From my position of delegate, you are responsible for absolutely everything, from music to stage and judges. It’s a hard work, you don’t get to sleep, but I love what I’m doing and to see the girls smile and happy, it’s the most important thing. I have been in Romania two times, in Cluj. What I can say about Targoviste is that I loved your history, especially Dracula’s and the Royal City impressed me”, Tonka Matic stated.

A successful European Championship with a lot of hard work, responsibility, dedication, passion, golden medals and a cosmopolitan city for four days; Targoviste confirms from one event to another that it can compete with the major capitals of the world and that the history of these places emanates positive energy to all those who are willing to know it.


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